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Clover Kitchens specialises in Custom joinery for all areas of the home and office. Clover can provide a full service from start to finish including a free in home initial consultation, measure & quote, plans and 3D images, installation of cabinets and benchtops and assistance with all trades and services.

We have a showroom and kitchen display located in Keysborough so if you would like to view product samples, discuss an upcoming project or speak with one of our designers please call our office to arrange an appointment or email us.

Professional Kitchen Renovations

As you plan your home renovations, you don’t want to pay too little or be overcharged for the work. This is something of a rule when it comes to home improvements.
The costliest rooms to renovate on your home will generally be the bathroom and the kitchen, so those are rooms you want to ensure are renovated properly. A do-over could be too costly to consider, which is why you want it done right the first time. You should understand what a good quality kitchen will have and plan out your budget very carefully. This will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Clover Kitchens has years of experience in doing kitchen renovations, and this includes luxury home kitchens and budget jobs as well. We can do big or small renovations for you that fit your budget and meet your needs.

How Much Will Cabinetry Cost?

The average cost for a medium-sized kitchen’s cabinetry will be about $10,000 to $20,000. This price will include the consultation and cabinet design services, as well as full installation and bespoke manufacturing.

We install a lot of kitchen cabinets in the $20,000 range. This will usually include full installation as well as the cabinets and stone bench tops. How large your kitchen is and what materials are used will also factor in, though. You can save money by going with a laminate product rather than 2-pack paint or vinyl wrap. The larger your kitchen is, the more doors and cabinets you will be likely to need, and that can increase your overall costs too. How thick the stone top is and what kind of stone you use will have an effect on the budget as well.

Free Quotes

One you know what your plan is for the kitchen renovation, we can supply a free quote for you. This comes with no obligation to you and will include the complete manufacture and installation. We can work with you on what you want from a kitchen renovation and ensure that you get as much of your want list taken care of within your budgetary constraints. We will help you get the most for your money and let you know if the design you bring to us is workable within your budget.

If you would just prefer a rough estimate, then we can provide that as well. We will need to talk to you for a few minutes about what you want from your kitchen and then provide a quick etamine based on that information.

Stone Benchtops

The average cost for a stone benchtop will be about $3,000. This would cover you for a standard sized kitchen that uses a conventional colour range. If you are using marble stones, though, then your costs could be twice as high, in some cases. Some of the materials vary in price from one slab to the next.

The designers at Clover Kitchens will give you quotes on stones based on the kind of materials you want to use and sourced from local suppliers that we trust. If you would prefer, you can find your own stonemason and perhaps get a better deal.


You will need to factor in about $3,000- $6,000 for trades on your work. This can include the removal of the existing kitchen as well as plastering and plumbing. You’ll want the removal process to include carting away any rubbish off of your property. The plasterer may need to re-cornice or repair walls after the kitchen has been installed.

The plumber or electrician may need to equip your kitchen for new features and appliances. After the kitchen had been installed, these tradespeople may need to set up the new appliances for you or connect plumbing and electrical components.

You may also need to have some tiling done, depending on the extent of your kitchen renovations. Consider tiled splashbacks or floor tiling, and you can expect to pay from $50-$300 for every square metre of tile. You also have to pay the tiler’s costs, which can be anywhere from $600-$900, depending on the work being done. A lot of modern kitchens use tiled splashbacks, so that could be the way to go for you if you want a contemporary look for your kitchen. Patterned tiles will be more expensive than plain ones, but that can also create a very pleasing aesthetic. If you don’t have square walls or are using detailed tiles, then your costs will increase due to those factors as well.

We Can Help You Find Trades

We work with some very reliable trades, and we only source the very best to ensure that you get work you can be happy with. We will estimate prices for the trades for you upon request, and that way you can figure to the entire cost of the kitchen in one place instead of having to call multiple businesses to get a total price. Payment will need to be made directly to the trades, as we do not collect any money from you for their services.

We do charge a minimal fee for managing the trades for you, though, and that can be more cost effective than hiring a project manager to coordinate everything for you.

You can also organise the trades on your own, if that is what you would like to do. Make sure that if you are hiring a Victorian plumber or electrician that they are registered and licensed. That is important if you are having any appliances disconnected or reconnected. The tradesman also needs to be able to provide you with a certificate of compliance when they are done.

Hiring Builders for Structural Work

There may be some structural work required to make your kitchen renovation complete. You might need to knock out a wall, change up one of your windows or move a door around. A builder may be required to do the work or at least oversee the construction. Like the other trades on this list, you can source your own or use one of ours.

The builder will ensure that all work is code compliant and will coordinate the other trades.

Which Appliances to Use?

You have a lot of options when it comes to appliances and brands. Each brand has their own price range and features. If you are pricing appliances for a standard kitchen, you will probably pay around $5,000. If you want higher end brands, then you can expect to pay more.

We offer a range of brands to choose from, and you can check out our showroom in Keysborough. See what we have to offer and inspire your own kitchen appliance selections.

If you want to use integrated appliances that make the most use of space and give your kitchen a sleek appearance, then you will pay more for those, and you have to figure in the cost of the cabinetry to accommodate them as well.

Bespoke Kitchens for Melbourne

It can be exciting for homeowners to renovate their kitchens, and the team here at Clover Kitchens can help. We love making dreams come true for our clients, and we can give you the kitchen you always wanted, complete with high quality workmanship, affordable pricing and bespoke designs that fit your specific needs. We strive to give our clients the very best from start to finish.

Clover Kitchens has years of experience to draw from, and we have helped numerous customers get the kitchen of their dreams. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen renovations, and our team stays current on contemporary trends to ensure that the kitchens we make have modern appeal.

We have a kitchen showcase in Keysborough that we invite you to come see. There, you may find the look you want, and you can experience displays that include modern kitchens, alfresco options and French providential kitchens. We can fit your kitchen with the finishes and accessories that will make it truly unique to you.

A Beautiful Kitchen You Will Love

While we are experienced at making amazing looking kitchens, our primary focus is always on the customer and what they want. We will work to make a kitchen that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, suited to your needs. Our designers will help you sort through the available styles to find one that works well for your budget and your functionality requirements. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about cost, trades, the design process and installation, and we can provide you with free quotes for all services.

Contact us for a home visit and consultation whenever you are ready.

Why Choose Clover Kitchens as Your Designers?

We have thousands of custom kitchens to our name, and we have garnered a reputation for high quality and detailed looks that our clients love. We manufacture kitchens in house, and that allows us to meet our customers’ specific needs. That is also why we are able to keep our costs low and be one of Melbourne’s premier kitchen renovators and manufacturers. Our cabinet makers and designers work as a team to make kitchens that we know our customers will love.

We also provide professional tradespeople to do plumbing, electrical, construction and tiling work when needed. We only source the best trades to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the work that was done. We pride ourselves on only hiring and working with the very best.

To learn more, please contact us at 1300 115 445 or come by our showroom to see our selections in person.

Enjoy Laundry Room Renovation Right Here in Melbourne

You probably use your laundry room more than most rooms in the house. As small as it is, you need to be using the space effectively, and that’s where our Melbourne renovation services come in handy. We can make this useful room very functional and ensure that it looks appealing too.

Clover Kitchens provides high quality renovations and designs, and we are well known for our friendly customer service too. You can make better use of your laundry room with some well-designed drawers or cupboards. We can create pull-down drawers for you as well as hide-able hampers and ironing board spaces. Even if you have a very small laundry room, we can reinvigorate the area you have and help you make the most of your available space.

Contact us today to find to more about our renovation services and how we can provide solutions for you and your family.

Is your laundry room getting enough love? It is often not very appreciated and yet has to be used regularly.

You may want to invest in a laundry room renovation that makes the most of your storage space. We can implement some clever design ideas like foldout ironing boards and pull-down drawers. A lot of what you have stored in the laundry room can be hidden away until it is needed. This allows you room to move around and use the room with ease. We will work with whatever space you have to improve the layout and make for easier clothes washing.

Our team is experienced at carrying out not just laundry room renovations, but also renovations in the kitchen and bathroom. Talk to us today to find out all about your laundry room renovations and how we can provide the solution that is right for you.

Our Renovation Process

Clover Kitchens is known for bathroom and kitchen renovations, but we also do laundry room renovations, and we can bring our experience to the work we do for you. Your laundry room can have a new design that makes great use of space and that makes the room a lot easier to enjoy using.

Design and renovation in the initial stages is the same for bathroom, kitchen and laundry room projects.

You can come to our showrooms and see what some of our solutions look like. You can also talk to our designers and learn about what we can do for you. Our team will work with you during the entire process, guiding you through each step. We will help you develop any ideas you have for the project and present some of our own until we find the design that is perfect for you.

You may want to make use of our image gallery to get some ideas for your inspiration. We would love to talk to you about the project and what kind of design you are aiming for.

The cost of the renovation will vary based on what you want to do. The materials you decide on and the overall design determine pricing as well.

We only do bespoke laundry renovations, so you are always getting a design that fits your specific needs and requests. This means that there is no standard cost for the renovation. We give you plenty of options to choose from as well, such as smart storage selections, built-in cupboards and ironing boards and many space saving options.

Many clients ask us to perform bathroom, kitchen and laundry room renovations all at once. This can be cost effective and help them get the look they want for their house in a shorter period of time. This also permits us to use similar materials for the entire set of projects for a more uniform look. Consider renovating multiple rooms at once to keep your costs down.

Contact us today to find a laundry renovation solution that fits your budget.

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